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“Your Massage Therapist will customize every session to create great, memorable massage experiences. We practice that every stroke we take be firm and meaningful leaving you with a deep feeling of overall gratification” All are Welcome here at Providence Massage.

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Meet Ariana LMT

Licensed Massage Tharapist

Ariana is just as full of life outside in the world as she is in the massage therapy room. Holistic in nature, Ari is a natural when it comes to the healing arts and putting her beautiful energy into every aspect of her being.

Ari has mastered the style of flowing movement and firm meaningful strokes. She is as adept creating a beautiful relaxation session for you as she is with deep muscle manipulation and therapeutic work. Quiet as a mouse, Ari will focus on delivering the best possible treatment as you relax without a care or worry. Customized sessions are Ari’s strength as many of her clients appreciate the relaxation massage she delivers yet also desire deep work in trouble areas. Ari delivers about 1500 treatments a year to SPA and Therapuetic Clients and will see new guests.

Meet Mark BS, LMT, Reflexologist

Licensed Massage Tharapist

Mark’s passion for massage began as an international business traveler in his first career. He was fortunate to experience the benefits of therapeutic massage all over the world and loves the various forms of expression from country to country.

Because of his experience, Mark’s massage style can be eclectic and his sessions are highly customized using a broad range of styles and techniques. His clients love his unique work and enjoy the variety he brings to massage. Mark’s hands run warm and have a knack for finding tension wherever its hiding and uses strokes ranging from light to as firm as you enjoy. Although a great conversationalist with lots of interesting experiences, Mark encourages his clients to be still, let go, and to relish each and every stroke of the massage to deepen the experience and results. Mark delivers about 1700 massages a year working with SPA and Therapuetic Clients, Medical Patients, and will see new guests.

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