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On The Run Services

Nirvana: 30 Minute Scalp and Décolleté $45
Walkabout: 30 Minute Foot Massage (includes calves and ankles) $45
Crashing Waves: 30 Minute Neck, Decolette, and Upper Back $45
3 Otters: 90 Minute (Nirvana, Walkabout and Crashing Waves) $110

Massage Therapists

The Home of "Integrative Energy Movement" ™

by Mark De Binder

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“Mark saved my life! At my wits end after 5 months of debilitating pain from a hip replacement gone bad I went to see Mark in tears. He explained his approach and the treatment goals and went to work. After just an hour session, I walked out without my cane, pain greatly reduced, and at last a positive outlook for the future. Over the months to follow, I was finally able to get back into my aggressive travel job without worry and pain!”

Services           All are Welcome Here

At Providence Massage, we design all our services with you in mind. When you book a session, the duration you choose is the amount of time you will be on the table. We schedule our appointments so that you are not rushed on either end of your visit and provide plenty of time for pre and post check-in and cool down as we don’t want to ruin your Massage Buzz. After all, you have come here to lose your stress not create more! We offer Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish/Relaxation/Full Body Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and more.

Soul Retrieval (Full Body Massage)

60/90/120 minutes Traditional Relaxation $75/$95/$150
“This Beautiful bodywork will take you on a journey of contentment, bliss and total surrender”

Often called a Swedish or Relaxation Massage, our Soul Retrieval session expertly addresses tension and stress being held in the physical and mental body. Our clients enjoy our ability to customize this session in every way from temperature, coverings, and specific areas such as Face, Scalp, Pecs, Feet, and Glutes. We understand after thousands of treatments that each of us is very different. Our signature with this treatment is customizing the pressure in various regions to support the wonderful feeling of meaningful, firm, and flowing strokes. Some like it light, but most prefer firm with a deep feeling of satisfaction. You will Love this treatment! Often combined with Nirvana

Sweat Lodge (Deep Tissue Massage)

60/90 minutes Deep Tissue Massage/Focused Massage work $85/$105
“Feelings of fatigue, decreased range of motion, pain and discomfort melt away”

Our expert Deep Tissue Massage (muscle manipulation) decreases muscle tension and spasm, relaxes the kinetic chain of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and increases ROM (Range of Motion) in key areas like Neck, Upper Back, Shoulders, Mid-Lower Back, Hips, Knees, Feet and Ankles. A successful treatment reduces your original pain. We use a combination of Deep Manipulation techniques, Trigger Point Release, Hot/Cold, Myofascial Release and relaxation strokes. Our unique methods restore muscle harmony and do not
create pain from the treatment itself. First Responders, Students, Athletes, chronic pain sufferers, and those recovering from injury or natural conditions will benefit from our hands.

Often combined with Soul Retrieval as a customized session with focus areas at no extra charge.

Integrated Energy Movement™ (Joy Awakening)

60/90/120/150 minutes

Awaken the Inner You

Prices Vary

This Purist Energetic Body Work produces Life Changing Results—“The new Gold Standard for Health”

Integrative Energy Movement ™

This Beautiful and Natural Whole Body Work Series was developed after decades of study, practice, experiencing and teaching foundational energetics and harmonics. The work focuses on the concept of “No-Mind” as it pertains to achieving Body/Mind/Ego/Sprit Harmonics in our core selves. No-Mind is the state where we can connect fully to “Joy” which is the harmonic of Source. Entering Joy is where the magik of the bodywork occurs. Once we free your Body of Mind/Ego Control, we can work in cooperation to discharge stored trauma, stress and tensions through vibrant ecstatic energy movement.

Available Offerings:

Joy 1: Introduction to Awakening the connection to Joy™ (massage, bodywork and coaching)

Joy 2: Body Dance Awakening and Cleanse—Pre-Requisite Joy 1 (massage, bodywork and coaching)

Joy 3: The Drum Journey—Pre-Requisite Joy 1 and 2 (massage, bodywork and coaching)

Joy 4: Partners Workshop—Pre-Requisite Joy 1 and 2 (Individually) (massage, bodywork and coaching)

Coming soon: Guided meditation body work series.

Dream Catcher

120 minutes The Ultimate Massage $150
“Amazing Body Work!”

Unlike traditional relaxation massage, the Dream Catcher takes you to the next level of stress reduction, well-being and contentment. This technique artfully alternates between relaxation and stimulation, producing a complete and total surrender to stress, pain and moodiness. Releasing the Yang Chemicals (epinephrine and cortisol) with the Yin chemicals (Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin), allows the client to stay more alert and focused on the bodywork. This provides a much deeper release of stress, pain
and emotional discomfort. Lucid dreaming is a common experience while receiving this treatment for those who really surrender to the work. The Dream Catcher session was designed by Mark based on his
massage experiences as a receiver in spas around the world. The work is like a dance and the movements are flowing and firm. Treat yourself to the Ultimate Massage!

Couples Home Massage Training

180 minutes Introduction to Home Massage $299
“Give the gift of experienced touch to your partner””

We all need touch yet few of us know how to deliver touch to the ones we love. How to relax, how to stimulate, how to release tension, how to make sure your strokes feel good and are connecting with your partner. After this course you and or you partner will be able to provide a loving and satisfying massage experience. This lab is in our office. Singles need to bring a body with them to work on (live please).

Moon Cycle

60/90 minutes Menstrual Cycle Treatment $75/$95
“Expertly takes the edge out of your menstrual pains and discomforts”

During your Moon Cycle, body transformations will cause a host of temporary discomforts ranging from mild to severe: Water retention, painful cramping, nagging lower back pain, debilitating headaches, and depression and anxiety. The Moon Cycle focuses on specific areas, muscle groups, and techniques that help melt away your physical and emotional manifestations. This treatment works well prior to, during and/or after your time. Can include some Deep Tissue Massage.

Two Souls

60/90 minutes Pre-Natal Massage $85/$110

Caring for two during your pregnancy and managing the physiological and emotional changes can be trying and tiring. Taking the time to nourish both Mother and Baby is one of the most important things you can do during your pregnancy. The Two Souls treatment focuses foremost on relaxation and stress reduction. At the same time, the treatment helps with lower back pain, Neck, Back and Shoulder stress, moves fluids toward the heart reducing swelling and discomfort, and generally creates a deep sense of well-being and contentment in both baby and Mom. Labor Problems? Call Mark to ask about labor induction through pressure points, reflexology and massage. Does not include Deep Tissue Massage.

Rushing Waters

90 minutes Myofascial Release $125
“You will seem an inch taller, a ton lighter, be as flexible as a cat and feel Awesome!”

Athletics, physical labor, high stress jobs, aging and certain conditions will cause your Facial tissues to become less lubricated causing muscles to labor against movement. This in turn creates muscle pain, discomfort, and greatly reduced Range of Motion. Rushing Waters focuses on releasing the adhered fascia from the muscles using specific Myofascial techniques. Clients report feeling an inch taller, increased depth of breathing, increased range of motion, decreased pain, boosted performance, and better coordination. Men will want to bring along short gym shorts, Women will want to bring along a sports bra and short shorts. Generally, this treatment focuses on Head/Neck/Chest/Arms/Back/Hips/legs. Can include Deep Tissue Massage.

Vision Quest

60 Minute Healing Balance and Focus Reflexology $80 (Signature Service with Mark)
“Calm and balance your body’s systems to induce total relaxation”

For regular health and wellness, the 60 minute Healing/Balance/Focus reflexology session is critical for maintaining optimum energy, general pain relief and mental/physical/spiritual balance.