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At Providence Massage, we design all our services with you in mind. When you book a session, the duration you choose is the amount of time you will be on the table. We schedule our appointments so that you are not rushed on either end of your visit and provide plenty of time for pre-post check-in and cool down.

Deep Tissue Massage • Swedish Massage
Prenatal Massage • Reflexology

Providence Massage on the East Side Of Providence, College Hill
154 Waterman Street, Providence RI 02906 ↗

401 965 9756

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Our Specialties

Providence Massage on the East Side on College Hill

Swedish Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Relaxation Massage • Reflexology • Myofascial Release • Sports Massage  • Prenatal Massage * Integrative Energy Movement

“Mark is an excellent massage therapist.”

He is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable; during our sessions, I am amazed by his ability to seamlessly blend together an eclectic range of massage styles and techniques. Moreover, he is always happy to explain various aspects of the session, and overall just comes off as a genuine and good-hearted person. His calm and positive energy makes the massage so much more enjoyable! Christina B.


“Great results every time…”

I’ve been a client of Mark’s for many years now. I’ve had great results every time in body and mind. Great Customized Deep Tissue Massage. Every massage I receive is based on what my needs are for that day. Marks scalp massage is incredible for stress headache relief also!! Providence Massage online booking also makes scheduling extremely convenient. Jennifer D.


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Providence Massage

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