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Providence Massage is on the East Side of Providence on College Hill
154 Waterman Street, First Floor

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154 Waterman Street, First Floor
Providence, RI 02906


Finding your way to Providence Massage is easy and convenient whether you’re walking, driving or using public transit. See Street Map for orientation.

You can enter the parking lot on Waterman Street or Cooke Street. The entrance to the first floor offices is the main door on Cooke Street. See Satellite Map for orientation.

When entering the building, exit the marble entryway up two steps to the right, and our office is down the hall to the left.

About Mark – White Falcon

Providence Massage Owner
Mark De Binder

First, Welcome to Providence Massage and thank you very much for taking the time to visit our pages. We hope we will be a great fit for you! A little about me.

Almost a native New Englander, my family moved to Concord Massachusetts while I was in grade school. My family genetics are Northern European and North American Indigenous (Lakota Sioux) (Father/Mother). As a young lad, my father gave me the gift of the nature as we spent much of our father/son time out in woods, rivers, oceans and lakes. My mother raised me in the energetic ways and I learned a great deal about using all my senses and more in everything I do which gave me the foundations for embracing Energy Medicine later in life.

I went on to Graduate from Bentley University and found myself in the exploding computer business. Its here I developed my appreciation of, passion for, and yearning to become involved in Massage Therapy. Managing Europe and the PAC rim for a number of products, services, and business development activities allowed me to experience hundreds of massages in dozens of countries over 20 years.

Fortunately I had a great travel mentor and he encouraged me to keep an open mind and to just experience massage the same way people around the world do. It was fascinating, exhilarating, and sometimes really really interesting. I learned more about my body from receiving massage therapy than I did from any other sports activities in my life. It was through receiving that I began to feel the relationship each muscle has with other soft tissues and began to perceive the kinetic chain and how it works.

After a foray into the dot com world for a number of years, things changed and I started to feel the pull towards the healing arts. I began with a mentor in energy medicine, then reflexology and then finally massage therapy. During the first two explorations I lived in Peterborough and Hancock NH. It was a great transition place for me as I went from hotels, airports and conference rooms to the mountains, rivers, forests and nature of NH.

Immersion is what I needed and got. I also chased a life-long dream of writing a novel. I now had the time to write and I did. I wrote and published two psychological thrillers; both about the energetic ways and the marvels of nature. My books are not for everyone but if you like Koontz, King and others you will love my creations.

A number of years later, I graduated from massage school here in RI and now live in Smithfield on Georgiaville Pond with my Wife and English Retriever. Right after graduating I took the position of head therapist at a brand new SPA in East Providence where I spent almost 4 years working with and training/mentoring dozens of Therapists and thousands of clients.

My clients love the passion I bring to the table and the skills learned from decades of receiving and years of giving massage. My style is eclectic, meaningful and skilled. My clients appreciate my deep understanding of the human body and the energetic therapy that comes out naturally from my hands.

My work over the years evolved into what I coined

“Integrative Energy Movement” ™

This specific energy practice combines whole body energy work and modalities into an integrated approach at awakening the body and releasing life long trauma trapped in our soft tissues.

I also run the Mystery School “Finding Spirit” for those seekers who have tried everything and still feel stuck in the old negative, fearful patterns that have ruled our lives. “When your desire for Self Freedom is greater than your desire for Self Oppression, you’ll be free–Finding Spirit

Today, I spend most of “work” time (I don’t consider it work) managing all aspects of Providence Massage, Integrative Energy Movement and my non-work time (also a passion) is swimming in the lake for 8 months of the year, birding, and outdoor photography (mostly wildlife) above and below the water. I spent 2 years as a member of the Rhode Island Advisory Committee to the US Commission on Civil Rights which was quite an honor.

In our professional and private lives, my wife and I are open and affirming. Our family motto is “All are Welcome Here”

My Mission with Providence Massage: To serve the community at large with skill, heart, and dedication. To take the guesswork out of finding great massage therapy and bodywork by staffing with 5 Star, Award Winning Therapists and to make every client visit better than the last.

Enough said. Come by and see us!

Mark – White Falcon